Tracking taxes is hard. Especially those coming from Crypto space. Coinledger makes it easy.

Tools we used

  • .NET Core
  • blazor
  • Solidity

Crypto tax reporting in one click

Tracking taxes is hard—especially for those coming from the crypto space. CoinLedger provides a safe and easy way to track your assets and correctly report your taxes.

With integrations to all major exchanges and trading platforms but also directly on the blockchain, all of your crypto transactions are just a click away.

crypto portfolio
crypto import

Complete crypto trade report

CoinLedger takes away the pain of preparing your bitcoin and crypto taxes in a few easy steps. Start by connecting your exchanges and importing your historical transactions. Track your entire crypto transaction history across all of your platforms. View gains, losses, and income from trades, mining, staking, and NFTs for free. Download your completed crypto tax report in minutes.

What we did

  • Project management
  • Infrastructure
  • Full stack development
  • Blockchain


  • .NET core
  • Blazor
  • Kubernetes
  • Solidity
What's next

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