VideoWall / 6x4 meters video wall map

Industry: Security

Road safety first. Centralized events map ensures all the data arrives to operators in real-time making sure decision makers can take action ASAP.

Achieved goals
  • Created a web app for intranet users which monitors half a dozen nation wide systems on the 6×4 meters large video wall map
  • Data is aggregated and served to the operators in real time
  • System critical parts decoupled and kept on a seperate system
  • Optimized user experience for large amount of objects on the map at the same time
  • Implemented live search
Tools and technologies

  • MapBox base map with layers of information created in React
  • The map takes care not to overload the system using PWA and internal caching 
  • Microservice architecture in .NET Core was utilized for integrating data provider services
  • Aggregation was made in a generic fashion in order to ease the transition to the map
  • SignalR is used to push the information the map