SignalR video streaming from IoT to mobile

Industry: Tourism

Autonomous self sufficient solar power IoT device. Using state of the art deployment event bus a premium User experience is provided to tourist all around Mediteranian coastline.

Achieved goals
  • Lightweight web app integrated with a camera inside a selfie pole 
  • Visitors can easily connect to a camera via WiFi and create a lifelong photo memories in a number of given locations across the Adriatic
  • A number of overlays was implemented per specific location
  • Self sustainable system which incorporates live user experience, cloud and hardware diagnostic for the back office
  • Fully secured and privacy complaint app
Tools and technologies

  • IoT devices were used to host the app inside each pole. 
  • SignalR from .NET core streams the image from the camera through HTTP to users device in real-time (no lag)
  • Queuing makes sure everyone is kept in order
  • Integration between camera, pole hardware, and the system was achieved using Linux specific commands as well as a docker for easier management, portability, and maintenance 
  • Deployment groups make sure all the software is up to date and available at all times